The Best Practices in Dispensary Technology: An Enterprise Network to Reduce Costs & Headaches

In the past, the general approach to network management has been mostly reactive. Network devices like switches, routers, and servers notified the network operators of an issue with the network; from here, the network issue would be diagnosed and addressed. The process works, yes, but the amount of time associated with addressing an issue can […]

Computer Services

As the cannabis industry continues to boom and marijuana-related laws are evolving on local and state-wide levels, grow facilities and dispensaries are starting to require more assistance with taking care of their information technology – from servers to workstations and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud, host your seed to […]

Point of Sale Systems

Everyday, more and more grow facilities and dispensaries are opening up as an increasing number of people are visiting their doctor to obtain a medical marijuana prescription. This has led to incredibly complex state laws and regulations surrounding the use of point of sale systems, in an effort to ensure the following: Proper documentation is […]

Security Systems

As grow facilities and dispensaries face increasingly complex state laws and regulations, it’s vital to stay ahead of the game in terms of security systems. Naturally, once you started, it was simple to maintain compliance, but as you continue to grow, you need to make sure you’re taking the right steps to meet requirements relating […]


The No.1 IT Provider for Legal Marijuana Industry

At Highview Technology Solutions we have extensive cannabis knowledge and expertise which allows us to provide the best computer services to those operating in the cannabis industry. We help you stay compliant with the ever-changing laws to ensure you meet the proper requirements relating to the privacy of patient data and the protection of assets. Our services allow you to stay productive throughout the day as we design, monitor, safeguard and backup your IT infrastructure; we also configure an appropriate Point of Sale System to meet complex laws and regulations while allowing you to benefit from a tailor-fit system to meet your own requirements.

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