Commercial Cannabis Industry Dealt Fatal Blow

Leading Point of Sale Vendor “Up in Smoke” With 9 Day Data Outage

One of the most popular point of sale platforms in the cannabis industry experienced a massive hack recently that has crippled productivity for over nine days. In total, over 1,000 marijuana retailers utilizing MJ Freeway in 23 different states have been affected, not to mention their countless customers. The hack has dealt a huge blow to sales, inventory management, and regulatory compliance. Due to the crash, many businesses have had to temporarily close and many more are struggling with long lines, customer grievances, and major damage control.

MJ Freeway originally reassured businesses and customers that service would be restored early last week. They have extended their timeline and it has now been over one week without restoration. The MJ Freeway team are currently working to control damage and restore access for cannabis providers and cannabis customers across the country. Though damage control is underway, the extended outage has the cannabis industry seriously on edge about the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and the devastating impacts associated with such long restoration times.

While information technology may not seem like a huge deal in the cannabis industry, the MJ Freeway outage has industry players taking a well-deserved second look. As the buy and sell cannabis market continues to boom, it’s critical that providers relying on any point of sale platform get informed about lurking threats and the best strategies to stay protected. Just like any other online business, cannabis providers working within commercial or online spaces must make informed decisions about cybersecurity strategies.

In light of the MJ Freeway hack, cyber-vigilance in the cannabis world will undoubtedly be a buzzing topic of conversation at the Colorado installment of this year’s Indo Expo. The event will take place from January 28th – 29th at the Denver Mart in Denver, Colorado. Colorado’s very own Highview Technology Solutions will be on hand at booth 234 at the event to share insights from the tech world that will help protect cannabis providers’ data.  Highview Technology Solutions has over sixteen years of experience in the IT industry and several years helping cannabis providers optimize technology in a way that aggressively protects them from online threats and the dangers of downtime.

Highview Technology Solutions understands a very simple but important notion – downtime is deadly. Their team of experts is committed to providing robust IT support strategies and services to every kind of cannabis vendor or point of sale retailer that exists. No matter the operation, Highview Technology Solutions is the go-to technology partner for cannabis providers. To learn more about how Highview Technology Solutions makes the commercial cannabis industry more secure, don’t hesitate to reach out to their team of experts.

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Highview Technology Solutions is the premier collaborative partner in cannabis specific information technology.  Whether providers have one location or multiple grow facilities and dispensaries, Highview is uniquely qualified to help support business goals and technology needs. Regardless of your platform: TREEZ, Biotrack THC, Flowhub, Green Bits or others, Highview has the experience to help you configure or migrate your environment.  Highview Technology Solutions has multiple years of experience helping companies grow and thrive in Colorado, Oregon, and Florida



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At Highview Technology Solutions we have extensive cannabis knowledge and expertise which allows us to provide the best computer services to those operating in the cannabis industry. We help you stay compliant with the ever-changing laws to ensure you meet the proper requirements relating to the privacy of patient data and the protection of assets. Our services allow you to stay productive throughout the day as we design, monitor, safeguard and backup your IT infrastructure; we also configure an appropriate Point of Sale System to meet complex laws and regulations while allowing you to benefit from a tailor-fit system to meet your own requirements.

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