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It’s critical to ask yourself: how well does your business understand industry-specific compliance regulations?

Highview Technology Solutions works with your team not only to ensure that you benefit from unique and comprehensive security solutions, but also to help you understand how our solutions work to keep you in line with compliance for your industry.

Dispensary compliance regulations in Colorado are wide-ranging and include governance rules for:

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Psychical security

Client Data

Protection of confidential client data

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Legal limits of amounts sold to a patient

And that’s all just scratching the surface. There are several categories of compliance regulations designed to ensure the privacy of your patients as well as the continued smooth operation of your dispensary.

Highview Technology Solutions is dedicated to helping you understand the rules that are applicable to your industry and providing tools designed to make sure that you always remain within compliance. We utilize unique and reliable solutions to seek out any potential vulnerability in your security, and then strengthen your defenses using the most effective tools and services.

With 24/7 remote monitoring, proactive solutions such as antivirus and anti-malware software, reliable backups, continuous education for staff, and much more, we ensure your private patient data is kept safely out of the hands of intruders.

Are you ready to take the right steps to protecting your patients and livelihood?


Colorado Computer Support at or (719) 439-0599 to discuss the compliance regulations for your Colorado dispensary and how our team will help ensure you never have to worry about compromising client data or paying hefty fines for broken laws.

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