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Colorado Computer Support

works hard to offer unique and comprehensive security solutions for dispensaries in Colorado, providing your patients with peace of mind knowing that they’ve chosen the right dispensary for their needs.

How do we do it?

For one thing, we get to know the ins and outs of your operations to make sure that our security solutions are customized to your unique needs. We use smart, tested techniques to uncover any potential vulnerability in your network security, and then strengthen your defenses using the most effective services and solutions.

We know that even a seemingly small issue can quickly snowball out of control and compromise your sensitive stored data – which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our proactive security strategies include:

Network Security Colorado

24/7 remote monitoring to scan for unauthorized access or potential IT issues.

dispensary protection

Email and network security protocols including malware protection, anti-spam, firewalls, password settings, and user authentication.

IT Support Colorado

Education and advice on safe computing for your staff designed to help keep your client data protected.

IT Services Colorado

Regular backups of all the IT systems, including cloud-based backups, so that patient information is always secure and easily accessible.

Is your dispensary taking the necessary steps to provide an ideal experience for your patients? Colorado Computer Support is eager to help ensure that you’re working with the right solutions to provide the peace of mind you when it comes to patient data security.


Colorado Computer Support at or (719) 439-0599 to learn more about how our team of IT experts will help your Colorado dispensary protect patient privacy with reliable tools and solutions.

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