Wireless Security

Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or even damage to computers and data through wireless networks. Due to an increasing popularity in the use of wireless networks in today’s world, it is safe to say that there is also an increasing need for security.

Though, perhaps this increased need for security is not completely due to its rising popularity…

Wireless networks are actually relatively easy to exploit for two main reasons: they utilize airwaves for communication, and wireless-enabled laptops that utilize these same airwaves are everywhere. This means that unlike traditional wired networks, these wireless networks have the potential to be hacked from as far as outside of your building – unless the proper security measures are in place.

Your dispensary needs to consider a wireless security solution that covers all of your bases, and will enable you to discover vulnerabilities and threats, as well as prevent attacks.

Why Is Wireless Security a Necessity In Your Dispensary?

For most, likely including your employees, the value of convenience seems to greatly outweigh any concerns about security. This highlights the need for extended, quality wireless security that will cover all of your bases.

Without the proper wireless security in place, the convenience you originally sought out will be destroyed thanks to:

Open access points

An open wireless network is pretty much the prime target for a hacker – it doesn’t get much better than that. With an open access point, you leave yourself, your network, and your data unprotected – allowing a hacker to enter without them even having to find a way through a firewall.

Anonymous Connection Abuse

We all know that the threat of data theft exists. However, it’s important to consider the possibility that someone might not be on your network stealing data, but instead using your network to commit a crime.

Employee use of mobile devices without appropriate security precautions

Every day the use of wireless-enabled devices by employees continues to rise. Growing alongside this number is the amount of confidential data residing on these devices, as well as the ease with which end users can (and do) engage in risky wireless behavior. Ultimately, this can leave your dispensary’s network, data, devices, and users at risk.

Malicious hacking and DoS attacks

Though less likely, the possibility of a malicious hack or DoS attack does exist. Not just that, but many business are failing to realize the true threat behind an attack of this severity to their wireless network.

Achieving The Best Possible Wireless Security

It is safe to say that your dispensary’s IT department must have a proactive plan in place when it comes to preventing attacks and misuse in your wireless network – both inside and outside of your facility.

In order to leverage the best wireless security solutions, your dispensary should be considering:

  • Implementing encryption to scramble your data so that, unless someone has the proper code, they will not be reading it. This way, even if a hacker can detect the signals on your network, your data will have the appearance of random gibberish.
  • Implementing authentication including passwords, digital certificates, tokens, smart cards, or other security credentials that you choose.
  • Changing the administrator’s password, as most hackers already know default passwords for major brands of hardware. Considering that with this password, a hacker could reconfigure your router/AP, this simple security measure is more than worth the few minutes that it takes.
  • Creating safe visitor access. If you’re looking to give patients access to your dispensary’s Internet, consider buying a router with a guest network. This will allow your guests to access the Internet, however it will keep your main network and its devices secure.
  • Disabling SSID broadcasting due to the fact that this feature is meant to make it easier for people to connect to your network. In fact, with SSID broadcasting enabled, anyone who lies in range of your access point will automatically know of your network’s existence.
  • Placing your access point in the centre of your building. Along with disabling SSID broadcasting, having your access point in the middle of your building to contain your wireless network’s signal range will deter war drivers.
  • That public hotspots are insecure! Always keep in mind that the traffic between your device and a hotspot’s AP is unencrypted.

Wireless networks are growing in popularity every day. Not only is this because people expect and want to use them, but because wireless access points are inexpensive, easy to install, and handy – if done correctly.

That’s why here at Highview Technology Solutions, we can help your dispensary create, implement, and maintain a complete wireless security solution designed to cover all of the bases. Contact our team at (303) 997--3180, or send us an email at info@highviewtech.net to learn more about what we can do to help!



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